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Fabiola Osorio @ Bellas Artes Agenda Cultural  

More FIX on the NET @ FIX University Cultural Campus

Welcome to Spring Semester 2013

Fernando IX University
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Fernando IX University


Fernando IX University
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Fernando IX University

Neural Networks for Machine Learning
Many of you are unhappy with only being allowed to attempt a quiz once. Starting in week two, we have therefore decided to make up twice as many questions and to allow you to do each quiz twice if you want to. The second time you try it the questions will all be different. Your score will be the maximum of your two scores. For week one, the quizzes will remain as they are now.

Many of you would like the names of the videos to be more informative. We will change the names to indicate the content and the duration.

Some of you thought that some of the quiz questions were too vague. We will try to make future questions less vague.

Some of you are unhappy that we do not have the resources to support Python for the programming assignments. We sympathize with you and would do it if we could. You are still welcome to use Python (or any other language) if you can port the octave starter code to your preferred language. We have no objection to people sharing the ported versions of the starter code (but only the starter code!). However, if you get starter code in another language from someone else, you are responsible for making sure it does not contain bugs.

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Fernando IX University
El Instituto Departamental de Bellas Artes
Invita a La Expocision
"El Señor del Buen Consuelo"

de la Artista Plastica
Fabiola Osorio
Avenida Segunda Norte # 7- N 66

Exhibicion Abierta hasta el dia 5 de Octubre
10 am a 10 pm / 3pm a 6pm

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