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Mike Wallace

Mike Wallace

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Mike Wallace Interview

CBS News Correspondent

June 8, 2002
Dublin, Ireland

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Mike Wallace

What kind of student was young Mike Wallace?

Mike Wallace: Myron Wallace was a good student, you know, not a superb student, but a good student and a devoted, if occasionally difficult in a mischievous kind of way, independent and a bit of a pain in the back, not to his friends, but to his family. You know, I was picked up for shoplifting at the five and ten cent store only a half a dozen times, and things of that nature.

In high school I understand you were something of a B student. Is that true? Were you interested in other things so grades weren't important to you?

Mike Wallace: Grades were important in our family. I was obviously a young, young man of inferior intellect. I really was. I was never an A student. I was a B or a B minus, which was quite comfortable. It didn't keep me from getting into the college that I wanted to get into. I guess I was interested in other things. I used to play the fiddle. I was the concertmaster in the high school orchestra and I was captain of the tennis team, and ran the half-mile. It was a gentleman's B minus.

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