Saturday, January 05, 2008

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Coming Soon!State of the World 2008:Innovations for a Sustainable Economy"Top-ranked annual book on sustainable development."—GlobeScan survey of sustainability experts Buy Now.
Powering China's Development: The Role of Renewable EnergyA comprehensive and in-depth analysis of the potential of renewable energy development in China. Buy Now.
Biofuels for Transport: Global Potential and Implications for Sustainable Agriculture and Energy in the 21st Century
A comprehensive assessment of the opportunities and risks associated with the large-scale international development of biofuels.Order Now!
State of the World LibraryDon't miss out on any new Worldwatch publications in 2007. Save up to 37% when you purchase the complete Library.Learn more about the State of the World Library. The library includes the following books and reports:
- State of the World 2007: Our Urban Future
- Vital Signs 2007-2008
- Beyond Disasters
- Oceans in Peril: Protecting Marine Biodiversity
- China's Energy Future -->
World Watch MagazineJanuary/February 2008A look at the sometimes-surprising effects of war on the environment, an island (Hispaniola) with two sharply different approaches to forests, and some primates whose divine connections may not be enough to save them. Subscribe now.
Vital Signs 2007-2008Critical environmental and social trends in 6 categories—23 new trends and 21 updated ones.Order Now!Why give to Worldwatch?Today's headlines are focused on global warming, and politicians are discussing clean energy and green jobs. It's tempting to conclude that the public has woken up to the realities of climate change. But we still have a long way to go to achieve a sustainable world. Your tax-deductible donation will help put our cutting-edge research into the hands of leading thinkers around the globe. Please make a gift today.-->
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Skiers Look to Combat Global Warming, Preserve SlopesJan 04, 2008
Skiing enthusiasts witnessing changing weather patterns connected to global warming are finding ways to help ensure the sustainability of their sport.New Certification Scheme Aims to Protect Socially Responsible CompaniesJan 02, 2008
More and more businesses across the globe are finding that they can be successful while also being environmentally and socially responsible.Cities, Countries Make Up for What Bali LackedDec 31, 2007
The United Nations Climate Change Conference in Bali, Indonesia, early this month received criticism from some for failing to produce a stronger international plan to address greenhouse gas emissions once the Kyoto Protocol expires in 2012.
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Eye on Earth, a service of World Watch Magazine in partnership with the Blue Moon Fund, provides a unique perspective on current events, newly released studies, and important global trends.
A joint initiative of the Worldwatch Institute and Beijing-based Global Environmental Institute (GEI), China Watch reports on energy, agriculture, population, water, health, and the environment in China.
Worldwatch University is a resource center for students and professors where you'll find research tools, useful facts, and ideas on how to turn your interest in sustainability into action!Disasters disrupt lives, jobs, and the environment. But could they have a positive impact as well? Read the latest news and insights on the connections between disasters and peacemaking worldwide.-->
News and resources about Worldwatch's Climate and Energy Work.
Discover what good eating means for you and the planet.
Events and Happenings
Climate of Hope: The US-India Connection - Oct 11, 2007
Iowa Can Be National Model for Next-Generation Biofuels and Renewable Energy Development - Oct 11, 2007
Climate Turning Point? Strategies for Moving Forward - Sep 26, 2007
Worldwatch in the News
Seeds of a Better Farm Bill, New York Times - Oct 29, 2007
Climate Change: The Skunk at His Own Garden Party - Oct 01, 2007
Earth's "vital signs" in bad shape: report - Oct 01, 2007
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