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Figure Skating

The International Skating Union Judging System became mandatory for all international competitions in 2005, including the 2006 Olympic Games. Thanks to its long time history, SWISS TIMING was significantly involved in the technical implementation of the so-called Code of Points.

How does it work?

Video replay

The evaluation of individual performances is determined in two steps. First, a technical panel of two specialists and one controller identifies the technical elements. For this purpose, each element presented by the skater gets instantly evaluated and reviewed using a combined scoring and HD video replay system. Slow-motion, magnification of certain picture areas and return motion help the panel to define the base value of the elements.
A panel of ten judges then verifies the quality by entering marks for the grade of execution (GOE). To ease the verification, the judges can also review the skatersĀ“ performances using the video replay system. Once the marks are entered on a touch screen tablet PC, the total element score is calculated and distributed to all the peripherals such as TV graphics, scoreboard, CIS and Internet.

Experienced Swiss Timing technicians set up the scoring system including HD video replay, operate the ISUCalcFS software and provide technical support to the judges and the event referee.

Scope of service

Identification of technical elements

  • Registration and accreditation

  • Competition time schedule and management

  • Management of master data

  • HD video replay system incl. recording on DVD

  • Audio headset system incl. recording of communication

  • Draw application incl. projector

  • Online scoring system (workstation)

  • Protocol CD (master copy and copy service)

  • OVR

  • TV graphics

  • Virtual graphics


  • Operation of video replay system and result system

  • Gathering and processing of judges scores using the online scoring system

  • Calculation of results and rankings


  • Printing of master copy of all competition relevant printouts, i.e.: list of entries for draw, starting order, sheets for event officials, judges scores

  • Provision of online results to the information system and scoreboard

  • Live results to TV graphics and Internet

TV graphics

  • Production of online graphics in SD and HD

  • Display of start lists, intermediate and final results

  • Presentation of skaters' information

  • Provision of standings

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