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Artists and/or Curators’ Residency Program

In 2006 lugar a dudas opens this program as an option to look for strategies that create meanings with a strong emphasis on creative process as well as researching. The residency is designed to allow artists to take risks; to encourage exchanging as a source of new ideas and possibilities through experience, connections with other artists, students, academic and cultural institutions as well as local context. It offers opportunities to explore and try new ways of interaction through a dynamic and collective work creating situations from different points of view and disciplines.

Application procedure: Call is open to artists from all nations with no deadlines. It just depends on the available dates.

Art Talks: While in residence, artists could visit arts schools of the city and give talks.

Open Studio: Artists exhibit all their process experienced at the end of the residency.

Working period: From two weeks to three months.

Studio room: Residents are housed in private rooms with a common bathroom and a sharing working area. There are three rooms. Each one has TV, fan, closet and free wireless connection.

Costs of the Residency: Artists require funding for travel, materials, food, transportation, and home expenses. Artists must pay for housing 30USD/per day. Residents are responsible for their own living expenses, local transportation and meals.

Medical insurance: Artists must have a medical insurance.

Common services

There are some common areas, one with two computers for internet access and wireless connection for free, the documentation center and video-salon. It also has a kitchen, a dining room at the palm garden, and laundry facilities. Residents are supplied with linens and towels by the staff.


Residents have access to the lugar a dudas kitchen and are within an easy walk of numerous restaurants and cafes in the Granada neighborhood. Monday through Friday artists can share with the staff the lunchtime at the rear palm garden. It is seen as an opportunity to exchange ideas and experiences and taste the most memorable times together.


Please include the following materials in your application

  • Please fill up all the personal information
  • Documentation Between 6-10 JPEG files on PDF. Must not exceed 10MB. Please include title, date, size, media, and brief conceptual intent for each submitted image or group of images.
  • Current CV, including recent and relevant shows, work, and awards
  • Two reference letters. Letters must be from qualifying persons that know about artistic trajectory of the participant.


Full Name : _____________________________________________________

City/Mailing Address: _________________________________________________

Telephone (please include country codes) :


E-mail: __________________________________________________

Birthdate (day/month/year)_______________Place of birth : ______________

e-mail all documentation to:

lugaradudas@lugaradudas.org sally mizrachi - coordinación programa de residencias lugar a dudas 57+2 668 23 35 www.lugaradudas.org

la vitrina

La Vitrina (shop window) is a project for exhibitions. It takes place in the former garage of the house. It is a white cube-like (3.5m X 3.5X 2.3m); the frontal glass is exposed to the 15th Street, a very traffic flow one, which connects the downtown with the north of the city.

La Vitrina springs out with an intention to permanently approach more people to the artistic practice through an uninterrupted program of exhibition. La Vitrina wants to create for the memory of the pedestrians, a great collection of contemporary works; as an imaginary museum which enrich and extend its daily relationships and will move toward the contemporary artistic production.

Since its opening, la Vitrina has exhibited many local artists as well as national and international ones. Artists can participate through a yearly national call. Lots of international artists have been invited to exhibit on it. The program also includes some re-makes of relevant international artistic works: the Calcos. This project proposes to create a representative set of ephemeral contemporary works spread out in museums and collections which have never been exhibited in the city.

This program is carried out thanks to the support of Mario Scarpetta.

mario scarptetta

sala de estar sala de estar is one of the three main projects of lugar a dudas. It is a place to spend time alone or in company, that has been set up to provoke encounters, researches, projects, discussions and day-dreaming with art, people and publications.

It materializes inside the house, taking the most of several spaces. After the architecture of this republican house, one can say that sala de estar takes place in the lobby, living-room, rooms and central patio; spaces that where used in the first year (2005-2006) for exhibitions and film screenings. Setting down a reading room, video room, consultation room along the central patio; is displayed in a very flexible and accessible way, the documentation center and archive of the space.  Talks, workshops, seminars, gatherings, one-day-exhibitions, open-studios and a set of different forms and strategies of exhibiting art, publication projects and documentation, alter and change the regular configuration of these rooms.

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