Saturday, May 14, 2005

Overview of the Administration's FY 2006 Request for Homeland Security
May 03, 2005Steven KosiakUnder the administration's latest budget plan, overall funding for Homeland Security provided through annual appropriations would be 165 percent higher in FY 2006 than it was in FY 2001.
FY 2005 Supplemental Request for Military Operations
April 11, 2005Steven KosiakAn analysis of the administration's FY 2005 supplemental budget request to fund on-going military operations and other projects.
Long-Range Strike; Imperatives, Urgency and Options
April 6, 2005Barry WattsLong-range precision strike (LRPS) is a core strategic capability of the United States in the post-Cold War era, and the US Air Force. Is the Defense Department doing enough to sustain sufficient US capability and dominance in long-range strike? What should be done in the short, medium and long term to capitalize on long-range strike?
FY06 Classified Funding in the Defense Budget Request
March 28, 2005Steven KosiakAn estimated review of accounts in DoD's classified budget request.
FY06 Black Budget Estimates
March 28, 2005Steven KosiakA table of estimates of DOD classified acquisition budgets as a companion to FY06 Classified Funding in the Defense Budget Request.
The Cruise Missile Challenge
March 10th, 2005Thomas G. MahnkenA report providing a thorough overview of the cruise missile challenge and its increasing threat to US security.
Winning the Race: A Naval Fleet Platform Architecture for Enduring Maritime Supremacy
March 1st, 2005By Robert WorkBriefing slides for Robert Work's alternative fleet architecture study. These slides are a draft for a soon to be published report.
Personnel Costs: Requirements, Trends and Options
February 18, 2005By Steven KosiakAn analysis of rising personnel costs and their affect on DOD plans and programs.
Revolution in War
December 01, 2004By Michael Vickers and Robert MartinageBy Michael Vickers & Robert MartinageMichael Vickers and Robert Martinage with a decade long assessment on the changing nature of conflict and the Revolution in Military Affairs.
Final Action on the FY 2005 Defense Authorization Bill
November 24, 2004By Steven KosiakA review of the final conference action on they FY 2005 Defense Authorization Bill.

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