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Occupy Wall Street bashes Fox News


Uploaded by on Oct 11, 2011

Many have judged the mainstream media for not covering the Occupy Wall Street movement. Over the weekend, Geraldo Rivera got chased out of Zuccotti Park and a recent protester during an interview criticized Fox harshly on the lack of coverage, calling the media outlet a propaganda machine. Jesse LaGreca, an Occupy Wall Street protester, explains why he let Fox News have it.
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  • "Arguing with Fox is like arguing with a 4th grader"

    Hey now, no need to offend 4th graders like that.

  • Fox news makes me sick.

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  • @z0mby How does their suck make our suck suck any less?

  • @pcgamernum1 Nobody starves in the US. Not ever.

    60 million die everyday to Fidel Castro.

    Stalin gassed 100 billion people.

  • @DrRobDammet I'm greatly amused that your "schooling" is repeatedly calling me names without actually refuting any of my arguments.

    What a hero.

  • @ParadigmShiftr I normally wouldn't waste time responding to someone so obviously a sanctimonious d*ckwad pos mf doosh but since you didn't have the IQ to figure out I was referring to TEDDY Roosevelt I thought I'd take valuable time to school you. You condescend in such an obnoxious and misinformed way. Canada beckons little piggy. We need informed patriots here, not lying Wall Street a**-lickers . Am I being harsh? 

  • @FlatTop1927 Also, you don't seem to know that news coverage goes UP and sympathy for the movement goes UP every time a cop uses force. So go ahead and use force, please! lol. As for your ridiculous assertion that this is a right-leaning country, go look at the polls on issues: this is a moderate-left leaning country, but we have a large democratic deficit. Please think before speaking next time.

  • @FlatTop1927 LOL you don't understand reality, do you? The game is over. The smarter segment of the elite (Gates, Buffett, Bloomberg, etc) know it--that's why they're ready to make concessions. The Trilateral Commission wrote a nice book after the last major social upheaval called the Crisis of Democracy. They pointed out that these upheavals happen every 40 years. 1890, 1930, 1970, 2010. Get it? The left won all those, and will win this one too.

  • @tstruss912 Well Im not too worried about you all. You all start laying in the streets again they will just pop a few more canisters of tear gas and mace on your asses. tear gas = Hippy be gone! You all are all mouth now anyway and have no political clout. This is a right leaning country and Democrats know it. We will continue to pull the country to the right.

  • @FlatTop1927 ohhhh...yaaaaaa....of course they"worked hard" for it. Manipulation, bailouts, and non-productive shifting of money/math games == working hard....if you're insane, that is. When will you marketeers realize that your stupid emotions don't matter to reality? We need A FUCKING BALANCE between left and right, not some pure fantasy system.

  • @tstruss912 They deserve their money. They worked hard for it. Neither I or they need to give a bunch of freeloaders shit.


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