Wednesday, October 29, 2008

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Syrian villager says 2 men grabbed in US raid
Town Hall, DC - Oct 27, 2008
... Chavez and Obama. It's terrifying. 8 days before the election, he suddenly has an epiphany and decides raids inside Syria must be conducted immediately! ...
"The socialism of the century XXI" dangerous option for Latin America
American Chronicle, CA - Oct 27, 2008
This situation is not new, since Hugo Chavez has traveled to Damascus and Tehran on several occasions by signing bilateral agreements with Syria and Iran ...
Russia decries US sanctions on arms exporting company
Los Angeles Times, CA - Oct 25, 2008
Iran and Venezuela have strengthened trade ties in recent years, with their respective presidents, Mahmoud Ahmadinejad and Hugo Chavez, uniting to confront ...
Chavez opponent faces corruption allegations
Houston Chronicle, United States - 19 hours ago
The criminal probe comes only days after Chavez called for Rosales's imprisonment. "I have decided to make Manuel Rosales a prisoner," he told business ...
An Upside to the Financial Crisis?
Antiwar.com, CA - Oct 26, 2008
For example, Russia has recently sold military hardware to Venezuela, whose socialist leader Hugo Chavez has been Yanqui-baiting for years. ...
Traders Anticipate US Rate Cut
Council on Foreign Relations, NY - 3 hours ago
McClatchy news service reports Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez's popularity has taken a hit as oil prices have slid. INTEL: The International Herald ...
US elections: four key questions
The News International, Pakistan - 18 hours ago
Washington's policy of opting for one-item engagement with countries like Iran, North Korea and Syria, and even to some extent Pakistan, has repeatedly ...
OPEC Regimes: The "Change They Need" in US Foreign Policy
Human Events, DC - Oct 27, 2008
Hugo Chávez of Venezuela and Rafael Correa of Ecuador are anti-Western socialist/populist leaders. They are paying to suppress their domestic democratic ...
The 'Evil' Eye
Newsweek - Oct 16, 2008
Then again, the pamphlet also boasts glamor shots of Kim Jong Il, Mahmoud Ahmedinejad and Hugo Chavez, so others might assume it's Osama bin Laden. ...
Power politics at the UN Security Council carousel
World Tribune - 18 hours ago
A two-thirds majority is needed and sometimes this rule prolongs elections as in the case when Venezuela’s dictator Hugo Chavez, bid for a seat two years ...
The Repulican's Robocall
DemocracyArsenal.org, NY - Oct 27, 2008
They all talked to Soviet leaders—men vastly more threatening to America's survival than Ahmadinejad or Chávez are now . . . it is crude, simplistic and ...

OneWorld US
Only Peace Protects Freedoms, Says Index
OneWorld US, DC - Oct 27, 2008
The examples include Venezuela (113th), where President Hugo Chávez’s personality and decrees are often crushing, and the Putin-Medvedev duo’s Russia ...
Why fund Hugo Chavez with gas money?
Augusta Chronicle, GA - Oct 14, 2008
Money you spend at CITGO enables Chavez to work with and support terrorist states like Iran and Syria, to pay for public relations campaigns condemning the ...
Exclusive: Last Advice Before Election Day: Vote for National Survival
Family Security Matters, NJ - Oct 27, 2008
Surely the oil-producing regimes in the region and Hugo Chavez’s oligarchic elite dislike American support of reformers and democracy forces. ...
Colombia drug ring may link to Hezbollah
Seattle Times, United States - Oct 25, 2008
Harb traveled extensively to Lebanon, Syria and Egypt and was in phone contact with Hezbollah figures, according to Colombian officials. ...
Man found dead in Camarillo at a building he owned
Ventura County Star, CA - Oct 12, 2008
He was killed by a gunshot wound to the torso, said Armando Chavez, a Ventura County senior deputy medical examiner. Sheriff's Department representatives ...
International - Only peace protects freedoms in post-9/11 world
Canada NewsWire (press release), Canada - Oct 21, 2008
The examples include Venezuela (113th), where President Hugo Chavez's personality and decrees are often crushing, and the Putin-Medvedev duo's Russia ...
World Briefing for Oct. 28, 2008
Daily Herald, UT - 13 hours ago
CARACAS, Venezuela -- Venezuela opened a corruption probe of a leading opponent of President Hugo Chavez on Tuesday with less than a month to go before ...
Cuba, bloggers and the internet wars
Green Left Weekly, Australia - Oct 18, 2008
China remains the subject of a broad US strategy of “containment” and the US State Department maintains Cuba, Iran and Syria are “state sponsors of ...
Voters Slam McCain Mailer, Robocalls Linking Obama to Terrorists
FOXNews - Oct 17, 2008
The mailer shows pictures of North Korean President Kim Jong Il, Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez and Russian Prime ...
The Axis of Moscow
Wall Street Journal - Oct 17, 2008
Consider the rogue's gallery that refused to go along: Hugo Chávez's Venezuela, the Castros' Cuba, Bolivia, Iran and Syria. The club of seven authoritarian ...
Biden's Big Lie #1
American Thinker, WA - Oct 3, 2008
Obama not only continued to insist that he would meet with leaders like Chavez without conditions, but that his political opponents were distorting what he ...

BBC News
DALE: Biden unleashed
Washington Times, DC - Oct 21, 2008
North Korea could well follow the path of Iran, and Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez can be counted on to cause trouble, encouraging populist take-overs in ...
Observations and Reflections Intellectual Conservative
all 1,232 news articles »
Investor's Business Daily (subscription) - Oct 21, 2008
... Hugo Chavez's Venezuela, the Taliban in Afghanistan, and the Hamas and Hezbollah terrorist groups in the Middle East, not to mention Syria, and China. ...
America The Weak
Exile Street, CA - Oct 21, 2008
Hugo Chavez will intensify the rape of his country’s hemorrhaging democracy and, despite any drop in oil revenue, he’ll do all he can to export his ...
Republican Jews Hit Obama On Foreign Policy Creds
National Journal, DC - Oct 21, 2008
"The stakes are too high," he says as photos of Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, Hugo Chavez and other anti-American leaders flash on screen. ...

Spiegel Online
'What's Looming in Ukraine Is more Threatening than Georgia'
Spiegel Online, Germany - Oct 16, 2008
Besides them, the Ba'ath Party in Syria, Hugo Chavez in Venezuela and the radical Islamic Hamas in the Palestinian territories favored the Russian course of ...
Russia: A Future Radical Muslim Superpower?
FrontPage magazine.com, CA - Oct 9, 2008
Again, Venezuela's government is hardly Islamist, but Chavez offered Venezuelan passports to radical Muslims who want to go to the United States. ...

Russian warships to visit Libya: navy
AFP - Oct 8, 2008
Russian media have speculated that the warships might stop in Syria, a former Cold War ally of Moscow. The Russian warships, which include the destroyer ...
Russia to test fire cruise missiles for first time since 1984
Times Online, UK - Oct 6, 2008
Two Blackjack aircraft landed in Venezuela last month for the first time in what its anti-American president Hugo Chavez called a "warning" to the US. ...
The New President and the Global Landscape
Georgiandaily, NY - Oct 21, 2008
So long as no global power was using its territory, the United States did not care what presidents Hugo Chavez in Venezuela, Evo Morales in Bolivia and ...
Anti-Americanism Marches On
Jewish Comment, UK - Oct 22, 2008
Why is Bush the perpetual villain and not Mugabe, Gaddafy, Arafat, Saddam or Assad ofSyria? Bush may not be the President many Americans and Europeans ...

Family Security Matters
Exclusive: Say It Ain’t So, Joe – Sen. Biden’s Subtly Delusional ...
Family Security Matters, NJ - Oct 7, 2008
The question was asked by a citizen through a YouTube video, and as he named off the countries in question, the faces of Ahmadinejad, Assad, Chavez, Castro, ...
Palin-Biden debate: BIG questions not asked
ireport - Oct 3, 2008
If we assist them in obtaining it in Iraq, that threatens the power over the Kurds in Turkey (our ally) and in Syria and Iran. The Kurds had their nation ...
Propaganda versus the truth
The Southern Times, South Africa - Oct 17, 2008
It is like the US media not reporting on the mass exodus of its State Department officials whenever President Mugabe or Hugo Chavez takes to the podium at ...
The Shortwave Report 10/3/08 Listen Globally!
Bay Area Indymedia, CA - Oct 2, 2008
Venezuelan President Chavez called the US financial crisis "a failure of free-market capitalism," predicted it would be worse than the crash of 1929, ...
Sarah and Joe Pinocchio, Act II
Reader's Digest, NY - Oct 8, 2008
... who told Byron York of the conservative National Review that the idea of a president meeting with Ahmadinejad, Hugo Chavez, and others was “naïve. ...

Center for Research on Globalization
Will the Crisis Brings Down the Global Financial System? Go Get ...
Center for Research on Globalization, Canada - Oct 3, 2008
... the blame on Iran or Islamic organizations, or whatever, so that it can be used as an excuse for a unilateral attack against Iran, Syria and elsewhere). ...
Cocaine ring 'gave profits to Hezbollah'
Brisbane Times, Australia - Oct 22, 2008
Harb travelled extensively to Lebanon, Syria and Egypt and was in phone contact with Hezbollah figures, Colombian officials said. ...
Russia Planning Return To Past?
Evening Bulletin, PA - Oct 2, 2008
The oil-rich Latin American nation's President Hugo Chavez, who is a leading opponent of the US, visited Russia last week and secured a $1 billion credit ...
Obama Financier Has Been Meeting with US Enemies
Human Events, DC - Oct 13, 2008
Obama financier Jodie Evans has since 2003 been traveling the globe meeting with folks like the Castro brothers, Hugo Chavez, Saddam Hussein and Mahmoud ...
Western Sahara / UNO / Fourth committee recommends consensus draft ...
Organisation de la Presse Africaine (Communiqués de presse), Switzerland - Oct 22, 2008
Also speaking during the general debate on information were the representatives of Syria, Yemen, Bangladesh, Japan, Philippines, Kuwait, Democratic People’s ...
Lựa Chọn 2008
Vietnam Review - 1 hour ago
Cũng có tin là Hugo Chavez, Tổng thống của Venezuela, đang muốn tiến đến một liên minh chiến lược với Nga, hìện được Nga viện trợ 40 trực thăng tối tân, ...
Damenes Obama
VG Nett, Oslo - Oct 20, 2008
Og Obama er blitt sterkt kritisert av republikanerne for å ha sagt at han vil møte statsledere som Hugo Chavez og Mahmoud Ahmadinejad. ...

[해외논단]이란 핵무기 야심 방치할 건가
세계일보, South Korea - Oct 8, 2008
He promised Hugo Chavez, the Marxist despot in Caracas, that Russian Navy units will exercise in the Caribbean. Mr. Putin had already agreed to sell ...

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CHAVEZ The Revolution
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... and volunteer to play the space.
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Playing Dead: Amnesty Bill ...
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... to see Eric Chavez play...
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... over and play dead, defer to the...
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Chavez arrived in Mar del Plata this...
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In Tehran Caracas, Chavez can ...
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... that Chavez is playingMussolini ...
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Play Dead 11. Everything Was White
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... baby possum trying to play dead.
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... lie down, play dead, roll over, ...
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... lie down, play dead, roll over, ...
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Eric Chavez managed to play in just ...
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... his trick of playing dead for ...
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Linda Chavez. Click to enlarge
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"I'm a dead man" Spookspeak is a...
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I guess it was playing dead hoping...
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