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Juan Carlos Franco @ FIX University

Fernando IX University
Juan Carlos Franco

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Juan Carlos Franco's professional credits include engagements with New Orleans Opera, Cleveland Opera, Opera de Colombia, New Jersey Symphony, Lyric Opera Cleveland, Ohio Light Opera, Hudson Opera Theater and Orquesta Sinfónica del Valle in Cali, Colombia, among others. His performances have been described as “hearty and expansive” (American Record Guide), “delicious and handsome” (The Beacon Journal, Wooster, Ohio), “commanding” (Morning Journal, Elyria, Ohio), “a joy to behold and listen” (Times-Herald Record, Hudson Valley Area, NY) and “up to the challenge” (The Daily Record, Wooster, Ohio). His voice has been hailed as “a quality instrument” (El Tiempo, Colombia) and “an exuberant tenor voice” (Times-Herald Record, Hudson Valley Area, NY).

Juan Carlos is a European finalist of the Pavarotti International Voice Competition held in Modena, Italy. He qualified in his native Colombia, where Mr. Pavarotti chose him as winner.

Mr. Franco is a graduate of the Oberlin Conservatory in Ohio. Upon completion of his undergraduate studies, he joined Cleveland Opera for several seasons. He then moved to the New York area to complete a Masters Degree in Music at Rutgers University. He currently lives in New York City where he performs regularly in opera, oratorio and art song.

Mr. Franco also holds an Electrical Engineering degree, summa cum laude, from Bradley University.


“The Mikado could hardly be bettered. Yum-Yum was the winsome Alissa Walters partnered by the expansive, hearty tenor of Juan Carlos Franco as Nanki-Poo."

American Record Guide

"Tenor Juan Carlos Franco (as Alfredo in La Traviata) fleshed out the romance with his expressive voice and acting...a joy to behold and listen to throughout this presentation."

Times Herald-Record, Hudson Valley Area, New York

"The tenor Juan Carlos Franco, as Avito, produced quality notes..."

The New York Times, New York

“…Juan Carlos Franco does an exceptionally fine job portraying Tamino, the Egyptian prince. Franco brings out Tamino’s inner conflict in the midst of the visual fantasyscape with a sensitivity rarely seen... Franco displays with equal grace and maturity a fine, well-developed tenor voice very much beffiting the character he plays, and seems to have little trouble going the full nine yards in terms of vocal stamina.”

The Oberlin Review, Oberlin, OH

“Juan Carlos Franco's exuberant tenor voice (as Obadiah in "Elijah") was animated in urging his people to ignore false idols. He followed up with an eloquent aria of reflection.”

Times Herald Record, Hudson Valley Area, New York

“…Juan Carlos Franco imbeds his character of the Lord with a wide-eyed, boyish eccentricity which brings to mind the heydays of Caligula. He adeptly mounts the tessitura of his part, continually sliding off ringing high notes with no sign of strain…and has no problem being understood.”

The Oberlin Review, Oberlin, OH

“The performance of Lucia di Lammermoor was in every way extraordinary…Juan Carlos Franco is a tenor with a quality instrument.”

El Tiempo, Bogota, Colombia

“The solo was sung by Juan Carlos Franco, to whom the work is dedicated…a fabulous performance, indeed the best performance I have ever heard of a new composition at Oberlin…the vocal part took full advantage of Franco’s power."

The Oberlin Review, Oberlin, OH

“Tenor Juan Carlos Franco made a handsome Nanki-Poo, who turned a delicious duet with his intended Yum-Yum.”

The Beacon Journal, Akron, OH

“…Walters and Franco make a handsome pair and have their moments on stage…Walters and Franco are more than up to the challenge.”

The Daily Record, Wooster, OH

“Mel Ulrich (Marcello) and Juan Carlos Franco (Rodolfo) command the stage as if it were a ship.”

The Morning Journal, Elyria, OH

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